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Free Marketing Training

FREE Marketing Training

I understand the difficulty that many businesses are facing by either having to pause business or shut up shop due to COVID-19.

I want to help the business community in the best way I can. Therefore, I would like to offer my knowledge and expertise to help other businesses grow, keep going or restart.

Your business sales may have had a slump. For that reason, when we come out of this you will need to be ready for rapid and steady growth. I want to help by providing FREE online marketing training.

What You Get

Each session last up to 40 mins. Also, you can pick all or any session to sign up:

Session 1 – A step-by-step marketing plan

Session 2 – How to get leads from Google using SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click)

Session 3 – Effective social media management & showing you some tips on designing images/assets with Canva

Session 4 – How to create content that will get your audience coming back for more

Throughout all the training sessions, I will give you my favourite tools and software that you can use to save you time and improve your marketing.

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Who Is Mark Connolly?

I am a Chartered Marketer with 16+ years of business experience. I help business owners achieve their growth objectives by ensuring a steady flow of leads with Marketing Mavens unique marketing services and process.

I work, closely, with my clients to understand their strengths and make plans to utilise these most effectively to generate leads.

I have been leading my own digital marketing agency, Marketing Mavens for 6 years.

Marketing Mavens is a full-service marketing agency. In essence, we are one-stop-shop for all your marketing.

Our key value is Grow Together. What this means is our success is built in that of our customers.

We work in partnership with our clients to help them to achieve their growth objectives. We look at ourselves as an extension of your company, as we’re constantly working with you to achieve your business goals.

I am also well versed in speaking and lecturing by representing the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as various universities.