Marketing Mavens

10 Commandments

I like the term Ten Commandments and I believe everyone is aware of it.

So I am re-purposing them for the ten commandments of MarketingMavens, which are ten guidelines to abide by when working for MarketingMavens.

If I were Jerry Maguire, this would be my memo.


1. Thou shall check and check again.

I don’t know how many times in my life I have not checked work I have done, or someone else has done, and it ended up a problem. Incorrect spelling, grammar, etc.

A mentor of mine once said, “we first create a habit, then habit creates us”.

Therefore, let’s check and check again in such a way that it will be a part of us, and ultimately we will be a part of it.

2. Thou shall not talk ill about other work colleagues.

I am sure that this must happen in every workplace, and it is so toxic. Yes, it is good to vent your anger or depreciation about someone but don’t do it behind their back.

A previous manager once said that if the words that come out of your mouth are not true, just or necessary then it is prudent that you shut up immediately. Therefore, you should confront them, let them know of your doubts and ultimately find a resolution to work better together as a team; how it is supposed to be.

3. Thou shall work remotely.

In the technology age we live in, I believe companies are either stuck in the tradition of needing to work in an office or managers are scared to let their staff work remotely in case they don’t work. You need to put a little trust in your team that they will work when not in the office.

When I started working remotely, I felt that I got more work done as I had fewer distractions such as talking about what happened in last night’s TV programme or football game. Some people believe they need the camaraderie of an office to work harder, I don’t believe this is true. If you need that, use tools such as Skype, etc. to meet online.

4. Thou shall not micro-manage.

It is clear that this links nicely to the third commandment, and it is a big problem in a lot of businesses!

If you are micro-managing your staff, you are the weak one in this case.

What work are you doing if you are always checking what people are doing? An excellent tool I use to check my weeks efficiency and can also be used if you are still intent in micro-managing, is by using RescueTime. RescueTime links with your computer and tells you how much time you have spent on individual pieces of software/websites such as Outlook, Gmail, website addresses, documents, etc. You can then see if you are spending too much time on email or Facebook and then change your work pattern to be more efficient.

5. Thou shall not spend too much time in meetings.

I got this from Rework. Some meetings can be great if they are working meetings. However, so many times in business I have had wasteful meetings taking up too much time and making the business inefficient. Say what you need to say and action it quickly.

In fact, a good way to make meetings efficient is by telling the people concerned to have potential remedies or plans in place before the meeting starts. It then sparks creativity in the meeting, and thus efficiency can be achieved.

6. Thou shall not swear.

Hands up I have been at fault for this, and it is one of the things my wife tells me off for consistently. “Watch the swearing”, she says.

Swearing in front of clients is not cool and is hugely unprofessional. Even if the customer swears a lot, hold your ground and don’t feel you need to swear as well. If you swear a lot, then get a swear box. Reinforcing this behaviour consciously will help you eradicate it subconsciously. This has been a proven mantra in the eradication of certain addictions such as this.

7. Thou shall not copy other people’s work

Try and be original. Originality can be hard at first but with constant practice, it changes and becomes an awakening of a powerful creative force and art in the long run. If you copy people’s work, then you are not original or unique. I believe people do this because they are lazy, or they don’t have the skills yet. If you don’t have time to do it, then outsource it? Don’t be lazy. If you don’t have the skills, then learn.

Practice makes perfect.

8. Thou shall not be a negatron.

Negativity is ranked as one of the biggest hindrances to full human potential in life. Negativity hurts business as well. It creates anxiety. Believe in yourself and have a positive mental attitude. In fact, we are just but a product of our thoughts and our environment.

Try and be positive and focus on the work you are doing today and get to reinforce positivity in your surroundings for it is what makes us positive in the long run.

9. Thou shall not say you cannot do it.

I once read and truly believe – “it is the difficult situations that maketh a man’s character and not the vice versa”. I know how you feel when you hit writer’s block, a bit of code won’t work, etc.

But don’t give up.

Try and find another way. Sometimes stepping away and taking a break will help you find a solution. It is easier to find a shining silver coin by looking for it from afar. When you find inspiration again, it will all fall into place quickly.

10. Thou shall embrace failure.

‘I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways it won’t work’ – Thomas Edison.

Guess what? We are human; we fail! This is what makes us better so embrace it. Any time I fail I go through a retrospective – what did I do well, what did I not do so well, what can I do better next time? Failure is nothing but a sculptor. Let it mould you into a person that your persona of yesterday wanted to be.

Our failing circumstances should not define us. The decisions we make while undergoing the failures are the ones that shape and define you.

To conclude, just because I wrote these doesn’t mean I am a perfectionist. They are guidelines for MarketingMavens to abide by so I improve every day. So should you!