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Paralloy FVC (Doncasters)

Paralloy FVC (Doncasters)


Overview & Brief

The Doncasters Group is a leading international manufacturer of high-precision alloy components.

The components are designed to operate in the most demanding of conditions. As part of a move away from the Doncasters Group, Paralloy and FVC needed a rebrand. They required a new brand, logo, and print materials to accompany plans for a redesigned website.

How we helped

We studied the history of the company and the various rebranding iterations to determine what would work best, exploring many possible options in the process to find the right design solution.

Once designed, we used this, along with the new brand guidelines, to develop print and digital materials that could accompany their new website.


Over a 3-month period we achieved the following:

  • Created a new logo for two related brands.
  • Designed Datasheets and other print materials.
  • Branded presentation slides.
  • Basic marketing plan for further marketing activities in the future.

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