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The Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop


The Fresh Fruit and Veg Shop, managed by Steven McGuire, is a dynamic business offering a range of fresh produce focusing on B2C and B2B markets, particularly fruit delivery to workplaces. The shop aimed to expand its reach and increase turnover, particularly in the B2B sector.



To enhance the shop’s digital presence across multiple channels, including Google Ads, SEO, social media, and influencer marketing, to attract individual consumers and corporate clients for their “fruit for the workplace” service.




Despite having a quality offering, The Fresh Fruit and Veg Shop needed to boost its online visibility and effectively target businesses looking for workplace fruit delivery services.


Solutions Provided by Marketing Mavens

  • Google Ads: Implemented targeted ad campaigns focusing on both B2C and B2B audiences, emphasising the convenience and quality of their delivery services.
  • SEO Optimisation: Developed a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve the shop’s search engine ranking for relevant keywords, focusing on both the B2C and B2B market segments.
  • Social Media Marketing: Managed and optimised social media channels to engage with a broader audience, highlight their products, and promote workplace fruit delivery services.
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborated with influencers to broaden reach and credibility, particularly in the corporate sector, to drive interest in workplace fruit delivery.


Key Results

  • Tripled Turnover: There was a significant increase in business turnover, with a substantial portion of the growth attributed to the ‘fruit for the workplace’ segment.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Improved online visibility increased engagement with individual and corporate clients.
  • Successful Ad Campaigns: Google Ads and social media campaigns effectively reached the target audience, resulting in increased inquiries and orders.
  • Effective B2B Engagement: Influencer marketing efforts raised awareness among business clients, leading to more contracts for workplace fruit delivery.


Client Testimonial

Steven McGuire praised the results, saying, “Since working with Marketing Mavens, we’ve tripled our turnover, with most of the growth coming from our fruit delivery service to workplaces. Their strategies across Google Ads, SEO, social media, and influencer marketing have been instrumental in our success.”


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