Marketing Mavens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Overall Client Satisfaction

Satisfaction with Helpfulness

Satisfaction with Communication

Satisfaction with Responsiveness

Satisfaction with Service Quality

Satisfaction with Value for Money

There are so many marketing agencies offering similar services but how do you know which is the best? You listen to their customers!

At Marketing Mavens we are always transparent in everything we do.

Therefore we didn’t want to conduct marketing research on our own so we asked an independent third-party research company, Listen-Up, to carry out the survey. Below are the results:

Overall, the satisfaction ratings across all of Marketing Mavens key measures and metrics are extremely positive and the Net Promoter Score (those who are likely to recommend Marketing Mavens to friends and colleagues) is also extremely encouraging. The high level summary is as follows:

  • Overall Satisfaction – 93%
  • Net Promoter Score – 50
  • Satisfaction with helpfulness – 100%
  • Satisfaction with communication – 100%
  • Satisfaction with responsiveness – 93%
  • Satisfaction with service quality – 86%
  • Satisfaction with value for money – 64%

The only area where potential improvements could be realised is within value for money, with further detail provided in the recommendations section below.

Listen-Up Recommendations

Overall, the key recommendation is for Marketing Mavens to continue to provide the same overall level of service, quality and outputs as they are currently doing.

Overwhelmingly the measures and metrics show that the business is providing an excellent service, which is being well received by their clients and is delivering strong results for the business.

Value for money highlighted some areas where further explanation of what is being offered and provided may be more beneficial to clients, and potentially deliver a stronger result when reassessing this area.

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