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5 Ways To Gain Customers Trust With Content


Do you Know How To Build Compelling Selling Proposition?

We do….


Many of us have, at one time or another, felt as if we were “ripped off” by companies during our lives.  For that reason the hairs on the back of our necks stand up in defense when we venture into a situation that we are unsure of.

We have all experienced it, and it is not a feeling that we like.  It is what makes us hesitate and look at things with scrutiny – protecting us from an unpleasant outcome.

The truth is every stage in the buying cycle involves some level of apprehension.   No one dives in head first believing all that is told to them in 5 minutes.  Having said this, it is easy to understand that a customer’s fear is one of the biggest obstacles that could keep you from making a sale. This is where creating compelling content can help put the mind of the customer at ease.

How can you accomplish this?

1) Build Trust

If buyers do not trust you will never sell.  To achieve this trust, you need to show evidence that you can solve their challenges and key pain points. An example, of building trust with content is having case studies or content on your website that gives them reason to believe what you are saying is the truth.

2) Build Credibility

Credibility refers to the objective and subjective components of the believability of your content/message. Your client and/or customer will pick up on information that seems false. There is a vast about of information on the web so customers and clients will search to find out if your content is credible.

3) Build an Understanding

It is ok to build trust with your past successes and credibility by showing an understanding that you know their industry challenges. But be warned, do not appear arrogant – acting as if you know more than your customer as they will be quick to knock you off your perch.  It is perfectly ok to advise or enlighten them to your services, but always does so with a high level or respect.

4) Answer and educate

If someone was trying to sell you something, you would come back with questions that will ultimately help you build your business case. Very rarely will buyers not want to question your services and offerings, therefore prepare yourself with more content that will answer their questions.

5) How much is too much?

When it comes to selling, if you do not know about them, their company, and what they do, then you do not deserve their business.  You can never know too much about a customer or prospect. With an inbound marketing tool you can measure your prospects and customers’ interest by how much they are helping themselves to your content.

With 80% plus of users searching for products online it has never been more important to ensure that your content is getting found online.

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