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Pay Per Click.

PPC Agency Glasgow: We will create effective pay-per-click campaigns with the highest conversion rates to help you grow.

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Pay Per Click

PPC Glasgow

Marketing Mavens are a PPC Agency based in Glasgow. We specialise in creating, implementing and refining PPC or Paid Search marketing campaigns. We manage PPC campaigns on all the major search platforms, social media sites and devices.
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PPC Process

Mavens review your competitor’s ads and select keywords and demographics to help you get the most out of your budget. Then monitor your programs daily, fine-tuning CPC (cost per click) and keywords. After this, poor performing ads and phrases are removed then your strategy will be adjusted as needed.

Marketing Mavens are Pay Per Click experts who are focused on running campaigns that go way beyond client expectations. Combining our business expertise and marketing nous with an obsession for data analysis and consumer behaviour. This gives you the ability to have PPC campaigns running with the best chance of success through:


A plan based on research, judgement and your goals.


Campaign management based on continual analysis/improvement and which gets our undivided attention.


Performance reports – detailing what PPC is worth

Pay Per Click Agency

As a full-service Glasgow marketing agency, we offer full PPC advertising across search and social platforms, including – Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Retargeting, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and Google Remarketing.

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