You have brought traffic to the site, but nothing is converting. You thought all you needed was traffic! What is the problem?

Landing Page Design

The Answer – Proper Landing Pages

Landing pages are specially designed web pages that are important to capture the visitors’ information through a lead form. Needless to say, a good landing page targets a specific stream of traffic and helps capture them with a lead capture form that will help you convert a high percentage of your website visitors into possible leads thus resulting in better sales.

Research has shown that an effective landing page is solely responsible for a large percentage of B2B and B2C companies thriving. The primary objective of your landing page is to generate more qualified leads that will convert at a higher rate than other leads.

Why are landing pages so critical?

The Importance of Landing Pages

Most companies target their traffic generated through digital marketing such as email, social media or even PPC and have it directed to your site’s homepage. However, this might be the worst page for specific qualified traffic.

Each source with its different message should be directed to specific landing pages to keep the continuity of the subject interest.

A targeted landing page will help to convert your visitor into a buyer. Targeted pages are web pages that hold all the important information, products, services and others vital piece of info in once place. Hence, a visitor doesn’t have to spend much time navigating your site for their requirement. Don’t make the visitor think, but direct them to the next step.

Every visitor is important to your site and we will help you maximise the site’s effectiveness by using landing pages whenever possible.

Our Designers will work with you to develop landing pages that not only look great but maximise the opportunity to convert visitors and increase your online leads