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Happy 7th Birthday Mavens

Happy 7th Birthday Marketing Mavens

Wow! 7 years already, I cannot believe it. It is true; time flies when you are having fun.

As a team, we are not getting to celebrate in fashion due to lockdown restrictions, but we will make up for it when things get back to normal.

As I founded Mavens seven years ago, I wanted to list seven things I am grateful for in business.

Number 1 – My wife. She was the one that believed in me and supported me from day one. Without her backing, this would have never happened.

Thank you, Ashley, for every time I came home stressed or moaning and motivated me to keep going.

Number 2 – My clients. Every single one of them, past and present. Without them, Mavens wouldn’t have grown over the last seven years.

I am proud to say that we still serve many clients from the first year of setting up the business.

Number 3 – My family. I have mentioned before. My family are all entrepreneurs. Growing up, seeing my mum and dad managing their own business inspired me to do the same.

Number 4 – My team. All the staff members, past and present, for supporting the company and always doing their best.

I have had the pleasure of working with really talented and skilful people. Today’s team is probably the best I have worked with, and I am looking forward to the future.

Number 5 – My network. A quote from Porter Gale resonates with me, “your network is your net worth”.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many great people that have helped me.

I want a special mention for Andrew McGee; he introduced me to several businesses when I started up. Also, a special mention for Colin Sinclair McDermott for the events he put on and the speaking opportunities he offered me. There are so many others to mention, but this would end up being an endless list of names.

Number 6 – TAB. Colin introduced me to the concept of mastermind groups, which is when I found TAB. Managing a business can be lonely, and having the ear of like-minded business owners to get advice from is fantastic. My TAB group has helped me develop personally as well as in business.

Number 7 – Myself. I am grateful for believing in myself and doing the best I can each day.

I am proud to see my dream come to fruition every day, and people believe in my culture of growing together.

Happy birthday, Mavens. I am looking forward to what the future brings.