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Search Engine Optimisation Agency

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Did you know 75% of people only click the first three search results on Google? The truth is few people ever go beyond the first page of search results. Therefore, your website needs to rank well on the most popular search engines that your potential customers can find your business. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can make that happen.

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Developing the right SEO strategy

Marketing Mavens, SEO Agency Glasgow, work with clients to identify the search terms that will give them the highest rankings and most importantly, website traffic that will ultimately become business.

As a first step, we take a close look at the SEO elements of their website. By optimising SEO page elements and on-site web copy, we can ensure they have the best chance of ranking well. We also analyse their closest online competitors as part of creating an overall SEO strategy.

We then use a range of strategies to build the SEO authority of their websites by attracting inbound links, developing content and encouraging positive social media signals.

Keeping you informed

To be successful, SEO needs to be an ongoing activity. We keep our clients closely informed of their websites’ progress, with monthly reports detailing their latest search engine rankings and performance of their target search terms. What we do will then help develop and refine their SEO strategy over time.


To get started, contact us now so we can create a specific plan that will get you results.

Need help?

If you are not getting enough business from your website visitors we will provide you with a free SEO audit to show you where you are going wrong.

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