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Top Tools for Creating Content

Content Marketing Process

Content marketingcontent marketing has become an essential component in how companies carry out their marketing strategy especially in the current digital era. Most buyers do online research expecting to find valuable content on whatever subject they are searching for.

Content marketing should focus on providing content that is relevant, entertaining and informative to the target group. Posting good content on a website will help in capturing leads and turn potential customers into real clients. The content should portray a good image of the products. The quality of the content they post on their website can determine the amount of traffic generated over a particular period.

We will now go through the process involved in creating content for the business:

  • Brainstorm: the first phase entails coming up with ideas for the content. For one to draft workable ideas for the content, they need to have adequate time to prepare for the ideation process. They also need to develop plans as part of the preparation process. Drafting will help you to identify ideas that are relevant to the niche. After coming up with some ideas, go through them and determine how they will transform into good content. When they are done with the curation of the ideas, they need to finalise the process by picking one that they will use to create the content.
  • Conduct research: carry out research using various sources to acquire facts and figures that can be featured in the content. The information can be obtained from different sources including videos, podcasts and surveys among many others.
  • Decide on the content format: the content size should maximise the potential of the content ideas, research, and any other relevant information. The content format chosen should be of proven efficacy and they should be able to create it without any difficulty.
  • Designing the content structure: the content structure should accommodate all important points.
  • Titles/Subject: Ensure the titles you use for the content are attention-grabbing. The title should be short and straight to the point.
  • Review: Review the content and make any corrections that they dim necessary.

Content Marketing Tools

Having looked at the content creating process, let us now look at the tools you can utilise in creating content that is full of substance and relevant to their target customers.

1. Evernote.

Evernote is a freemium application that helps with organising, archiving and taking notes. The application allows you to make a note of any kind and access it from any device. The application makes it easier for you to trace the records saved. It could be in the form of an image, text or document. The application enables people to search for their handwritten notes from wherever they are hidden.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo provides one with powerful content insights. Through BuzzSumo, you get informed of the content that is highly shared across all networks. The application helps by showing what content is popular giving you ideas to repurpose.

3. Hemingway App.

Hemingway App highlights long sentences; this helps reduce wordiness in the content. Long sentences that appear complicated will be highlighted in yellow making it easier for one to identify them. This will help at the content review stage.

4. Grammarly.

The writing-enhancing platform has several features that include plagiarism detection, automated grammar checker, and MS Office Plug-in. Grammarly has more than 250 grammar checks giving its users possible errors for correction.

5. Canva.

For visual content, Canva is one of the simplest to use a design program. It is much easier to become a designer by using Canva. With the stunning graphics provided, you can quickly create beautiful designs and documents. All these are made possible by the drag-and-drop feature together with the professional designs provided.

6. YouGovProfiler.

YouGovProfiler is great for marketing segmentation and identifying your buyers likes/needs/wants. Use YouGovPofiler to search for any product and find out the customer base of the product they are searching for. The application compares will give you a picture of who you are writing content too.

7. Shakr.

For video content, Shakr enables you to create videos. Plenty of video designs have been provided from which they can choose one that suits them. No previous skills are required to carry out the whole process.

8. Hootsuite.

With HootSuite, you can manage all your social media accounts using just one tool. The application enables one to schedule messages and measures their social media accounts by use of just one tool.

9. Pixlr.

Pixlr editor enables one to edit their pictures by replacing colours from their browser. You can also add personal effects, overlays, and borders using the Pixlr Express.


If you are looking to implement a content marketing strategy, we will be happy to provide you with a free quotation.