10 Blogs Leading The Way In 2014

Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration from time to time. When you look at the following list of the top 10 most successful blogs as of January 2014, it should give you the motivation you need to keep up with your own blog.

Remember, at one point every blog had 0 visitors. The more you keep at it, and the better you become, the more visitors you will have.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 blogs.

1. Huffington Post

The Huffington Post currently has about 54,000,000 unique visitors each month. That’s an amazing number of eyeballs visiting the site, and with the variety of content that they offer it’s no wonder.

2. TMZ

People love the celebrity gossip, and it’s easy to see why the TMZ blog has about 19,000,000 unique visitors each month. People seem to have a need to know what the celebrities are up to!

3. The Business Insider

The Business Insider blog boasts 12,100,000 unique visitors each month, and it remains one of the most popular blogs on the web.

4. Engadget

The blog at Engadget has 11,500,000 unique visitors. As the name suggests, this blog focuses on all of the wondrous technological devices and conveniences, big and small, which are changing the world.

5. Perez Hilton

Once again, celebrity gossip reigns. Blogger Perez Hilton, famous for his take on celebs, receives about 10,200,000 unique visits to his blog each month.

6. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is another gadget guide, and this blog receives about 10,100,000 unique visitors each month.

7. Mashable

Mashable’s blog covers a number of different topics as you might guess from the name. The popular blog receives about 10,000,000 unique hits monthly.

8. TechCrunch

Can you guess what this blog covers? Here’s a hint – it is not things that crunch. This is another technology-based blog that covers all of the latest news in the tech world. A popular site, it receives about 7,500,000 hits each month from unique visitors.

9. Gawker

Gawker is another fun gossip site that features articles on many different topics, some serious and others not so much! This blog has about 6,000,000 hits each month from unique visitors.

10. Lifehacker

The Lifehacker blog dedicates itself to making your life easier, and the variety of article topics they provide clearly shows that. They have 5,500,000 unique visitors each month.

While it’s difficult to know which blogs are making the most money through their advertising, through products sold directly from the site, or even through a sale of the site itself, it’s safe to say that the blogs on this list are doing very well financially.

It’s also safe to say that they are the movers and the shakers in the blogging world right now, and you might be able to learn a few things from how they do business.

You can look to them as a source of inspiration, but you should also see what things they are doing right and see if you might be able to emulate them in your own blog.

Are you going to be able to match the Huffington Posts’ numbers? Probably not, but you can see that many of the blogs on this list probably have quite a few overlapping visitors. With great content on your blog, you can start attracting some of them as well.

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