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What are SEO Blogs & Why Are They Important?

Every blog that you publish gives you more opportunities to use SEO keywords in your content. SEO blogs keep your website fresh and up to date as well as keeping people on your website for longer. Publishing blog posts that use a variation of on-page SEO tactics give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and gain more of an audience to your site. Below are a few options:



Fresh Content for SEO Blogs

The most obvious way to improve SEO is through posting blogs is to keep the content fresh and upload frequently. The more content you have the more pages you’ll have for search engines to index. If you feel that an older post may still have some relevance you can reword and reuse it to make it more relevant. Remember to keep your content mobile-friendly to ensure that your audience can access it from any device.



Strategic Keywords

Blogging can increase your quantity of keywords and is a good way to implement a couple of long-tail keywords that your competitors have maybe not considered.

Keyword research tells you what your target audience is searching for and what they are engaging with. Furthermore, using your keywords strategically in your blog posts can improve your search engine optimisation results.

Incorporating too many keywords can sometimes hurt your SEO, which is why you have to research and use keywords that are relevant. Focus on one or two long-tail keywords per post.

You can identify keywords that are most likely to bring in relevant traffic and create content around those specific keywords. To do this there are websites such as Word Stream’s free keyword tool to discover new keywords and its performance data to help you.




Link building is important as it helps support on-page optimisation. Inbound links allow your content to show up in search engines and shows the relevancy of your content. If you’ve written a blog post that is relevant to another of your blogs, make sure to include links to prompt your audience to read other blogs you have wrote. Having internal links is also a good way to get people to have a look around at other relevant pages on your website.

It’s also a good opportunity to use external links and includes links to other relevant websites. As a return, these websites might include you in their content which can help you generate even more web traffic that you wouldn’t have been able to reach on your own.




SEO can sometimes be a popularity contest and search engines will increase your ranking if they notice your blog entry being shared frequently on social media. If you start producing high-quality content that you know your audience wants to read and will engage with then this is one way to improve your SEO ranking through blogs.

Blog posts are more likely to be shared by people on their social media pages than a company’s service page.




Using images throughout your post is not only more engaging and captivating for the audience reading but it’s an extra way to allow search engines to find you. You can benefit from using images if you name them and your alt text correctly according to the keywords your ranking for. Blogs are also great places to upload your video content, not only will it enhance your post but it will keep users engaged for longer.



You need to know who your audience is in order for you to create content that will engage them. Writing the correct content for your target market will help you rank on search engines. Our free, customisable buyer persona template will let you easily organise your research to create your very own buyer personas.