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Halloween Marketing for Small Businesses – 5 Wicked Ways to Get in the Spirit

Halloween is an excellent opportunity for small business owners to connect with their local community. Not only do parents feel safer taking their children to trick-or-treat at local businesses, having fresh faces enter your small business premises is a fabulous way to build a positive reputation with local customers. But how do you market your small business at Halloween when you don’t know where to start?


Add the following five Halloween marketing ideas for small business owners to your repertoire, and you’ll be on your way to sparking interest in your company.


1) Use a tool like to make Halloween infographics specific to your small business. Canva is free to use and can be used to create infographics like “5 Reasons Our Prices are Scary Good” or “5 Reasons Our Merchandise Will Haunt Your Soul.” Be creative in your approach to making custom Halloween infographics and make sure you share your creations on multiple social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


2) Crello is another awesome resource small business owners can use to create custom Halloween visual marketing brand assets. Use Crello ( to create everything from window signage to blog post header images to attract attention to your small business. Once you dive into the numerous Halloween templates Crello has to offer, you’ll feel like kicking yourself for not having discovered it sooner.


3) Decorate the outside of your small business or office if you want to inspire intrigue and entice more customers to check out your company. Add a selection of pumpkins and autumn leaves to the outside of your shop and throw in a scarecrow or two. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on Halloween decorations for your small business. With a quick visit to the shop, you’ll discover a wide range of Halloween decor you can add to the exterior of your business.


4) Be sure to add a Halloween-themed blog post to your small business’ website. Blogging is a terrific way to attract search engine traffic to your small business. Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to up your content marketing efforts and to attract attention to your company with a blog post spotlighting your latest merchandise or Halloween decor. Snap pictures of your shop with your smartphone and create a blog post highlighting your ghoulish decorations. Not only will you potentially attract new customers via your blog, but you’ll also increase your SEO (search engine optimization) for Halloween-related keywords and your location.


5) Don’t forget to update the signage inside your small business with a Halloween theme. You can use phrases like “ghostly savings” or “hauntingly good” to add a Halloween vibe to your small business’ interior. Whether it’s signage on the walls of your small business or rack cards on merchandise displays, the key is to showcase your Halloween spirit for customers to enjoy.


Incorporate these five Halloween marketing tips for small business owners into your holiday marketing strategy, and you’ll be surprised at what an impression you’ll make with local customers. They’ll remember your business’ efforts to be an enchanting part of the local community and will likely visit your company throughout the rest of the year.