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How Videos Can Improve Your Email Marketing

87% of marketers rely on video. Adding video to your emails can improve open and click-through rates. Read below to find out how to embed videos in emails and how to be successful with email marketing.

How to improve email marketing with videos

Embedding a video into your marketing can catch your audiences eye and make them pause but that is when you need to take advantage and tell them exactly why you can help them achieve their goal.

Thumbnails tend to perform better and can visually represent your video. Take a screenshot of your video and add it to your email as a thumbnail with a button for your audience to click that will lead them to the video. You are using a video for a reason and taking your user to a landing page eliminates distraction and helps you create a stronger call to action.

Adding “video” to your subject of an email can increase open rates by 19%. Make sure to keep your video relevant and it right by your particular email and as with all marketing, it will work best if it fits in with your overall marketing plan.

If recording via a webcam and screen some cool tools to utilise are VidYard and Loom

The Benefits

  • Video can capture your audience’s attention in a way that text often can’t.
  • You can improve your SEO by including videos in your email as it increases your site traffic which can impact SEO. (Video users get 41% more search traffic).
  • You humanise your brand as you can connect on a more personal level with your consumer
  • Through email you can see your subscribers open the email and click to watch the video.
  • Sometimes you cannot always get your point across through writing content. Using videos can open up more opportunities to talk to your audience about a wide range of topics.
  • Videos can allow for more engagement with your audience and gives you a chance to get more feedback in the comment section
  • Speed – you can create videos quickly with smartphones etc.

When you are creating a video, stick to a topic that you know in the beginning and then as you get used to being in front of the camera you can start to branch out and create different types of videos.

At Marketing Mavens we have a YouTube Channel where we upload a Maven Monday every week which is included in our weekly email!