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Where are you working?

Where are you working from right now:
• Home?
• Coffee shop?
• Train?
• Hotel?
• Shared office?

coworkingThere’s been a seismic shift over the past few years in not only the way that we work but also where we work. For many people, the “office” doesn’t really exist anymore.

As consumers we have become accustomed to accessing products and services on demand – so with that in mind, why should where we work be any different?

Once upon a time, the sign of business success was securing a five-year lease on a fancy office space. Nowadays, that can’t be further from reality. What freelancers really want are flexible lease terms, inclusive rental costs and a community of likeminded people.

As appealing as it sounds working from home is not all what its made out to be. There are a number of benefits to starting your business from home. But nothing says unprofessional quite like a sink full of plates or the sounds of arguing children. Can you really hold successful client meetings when your office is also your home?

A cool startup provides the exact solution for micro businesses looking for a desk. Deskonnect was founded by entrepreneur Paul Docherty who was frustrated with distractions from working from home and the lack of affordable office space for freelancers. Deskonnect has developed an online marketplace to connect freelancers and small businesses with private landlords who have extra workspace. It’s filling the gap between home and a long-term office space – and this set-up is also a fantastic platform for collaboration which can bring new opportunities to your business.

Freelancers that use the platform find that these spaces are more than just a desk, the coworking environments and meet ups mean there are plenty of chances to network and gain new business opportunities. This makes so much sense! As you go from an unproductive working environment to a buzzing office and get the benefits of a great space with none of the hassle or expensive overheads.

If you think that your business could benefit from a dedicated space but still give you the flexibility for growth, Deskonnect could be a great option for you. It’s a pretty cool concept that’s well worth checking out.