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Why You Need A Periscope Marketing Strategy

periscope marketingAs more companies join and use social media mobile apps like Periscope and Meerkat, it’s becoming clear that live streaming will play a major role in digital and social marketing in the coming months and years.

What is Periscope?

Periscope a live video streaming mobile app. The company behind the app was purchased by Twitter in March 2015.

Advantages of A Periscope Marketing Strategy

A Periscope Marketing Strategy is a new way to make potential customers more aware of what your brand has to offer. It relies on live video content. Engaging content tends to go viral more easily than that which does not get an audience emotionally involved. This is especially true of video and images. People will spread anything that they find interesting to family and friends via social media.

Many brands have jumped on the bandwagon of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, using these media to capture a wider audience. They introduce new products to customers and also, put a more exciting spin on services that customers may have become used to.

Live Streaming is a fresh, stimulating development in digital marketing. It makes use of platforms such as Periscope, opening up a new form or way to promote via Periscope Marketing.

Reveal What Makes Your Company Tick

If you first create your Periscope Marketing Strategy, your consumer base can get an inside look at what your company does and the people who make the great products that clients utilise every day. Companies have done a little of this already with traditional media, such as television. For example, some may have 10 minute ads (we have all watched tele-shopping) that are focused on showing members of their team volunteering or planning something special for a deserving person. This create a connection on a personal level with your shoppers.

Drive Long Term Engagement

People are usually interested in stories. This is one reason why gossip spreads quickly. Potential clients are likely to share the emotional video showing about how a shopper found a concealed voucher giving a sizable discount on their purchase. The chances of them sharing increase if the video is a lot of fun. If you keep on showing unusual content that makes people feel good, you will encourage them to become loyal to your brand. You create a long term relationship with them and they keep on doing business with you. They also speak more positively of you to their coworkers, friends and other people in their circle.

People Check Out Your Stream Just to Get Involved

Call in shows are popular for several reasons. One of those is that people like sharing their opinions. They like being heard. They also want their questions answered. With a live video stream, you can drive audience participation by giving viewers the chance to ask and answer their own questions.

Doing this regularly helps to create a community. That in turn allows your brand to become even more popular. Even if people are tuning in to see what other people are going to say, they tune in. When a brand expert is available to guide the discussion and provide answers to questions that cannot be answered by other shoppers, it adds a fair balance of knowledge and community to the mix. A Periscope Marketing Strategy builds relationships with shoppers and turns them into fans.

The future of Periscope, and live streaming technology in general, is unclear. Will it be a flash in the pan, or will it morph into something transformative? As a business owner or marketer, you have to bet on the latter. Now is the time to start experimenting with live streaming to see if it works for you. The companies that are able to build a strong foundation in the beginning stages will reap long-term benefits down the road.

How will you use Periscope to take your branding, marketing, and customer service to the next level? The answer to that question is anything but insignificant.

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