How to Increase Your ROI with Social Media MarketingSocial MediaHow to Increase Your ROI with Social Media Marketing

How to Increase Your ROI with Social Media Marketing

There are billions of social media users worldwide and the number is continuously evolving, with a year-on-year growth of more than 10%. It is needless to say that a brand with a social presence can attract customers. Because of this, many brands include social media marketing in their day-to-day marketing strategy for reach and impact. It is one of the most cost-effective methods to interact with your audience and helps to build your brand.

Yet, with so many brands exposing different contents to their users every 24/7, it is becoming increasingly difficult to embed your brand into your audience’s mind and turning them into your valuable customers.

Read below to discover how you can get more with your social media by increasing your ROI with social media marketing to help attract more customers into your business.

Using the Right Social Platform 

Delivering results comes down to how effective you target your niche and personalise marketing for them. Therefore, it is important to find where your customer base lies and focus on the key platforms to maintain your social media presence that attracts revenue for your business. A wrong social network used leads to a waste of your valuable resources with little to no gain. After all, there’s no point investing in a social media network that does not have your targeted customers.

Research and see which social media channel fit your niche best so that you can create the blend of social channels that provides the highest return on your efforts. Whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube, try not to choose too many platforms as you tend to become less focused, resulting the purpose of SMM to be blurred. A “one shoe fits all” approach is unlikely to be effective as each social platform have their own unique purpose and attracts a specific type of audience. So depending on your business’ audience, choose the networks that are best suitable for your promotion efforts in order to maximise ROI. You may wish to double down on the platforms where you make the most impact and free up more budget to invest in high-ROI channels.

Don’t forget to tailor your content to suit each channel to appeal to your audience. You could also create user-centric content for your visitors as the quality and the content engagement will help you get real results. Remember, the content of your business will have an equal impact on your business’s ROI since the better a brand’s content performs, the better the sales performance will be. Using retargeting ads to engage with the people who has displayed their interest in your brand can also help you convert them into leads.

Post Frequent but not TOO Frequent

Although you want to keep your quality social content fresh and relevant, you shouldn’t overdo it. How often when it becomes too often? Studies show that one post a day is optimal, while two is the maximum. Any more than that and you could find your social posts losing out on engagement.

Aim to deliver content consistently and stick to the plan: posting once in a while on social media would definitely not lead to long term growth and sales! Schedule your contents in a way can help your audience see your posts on social media. Social media automation tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite or Semrush does the trick and are suitable for brands to manage their content and social media accounts. You should also find out what the best time your audience is the most active using the right metrics. For example, you can use Facebook Analytics on Facebook to analysis the specific time of day that has the most active users. This way you can target your posts at the right audience at the best time.

Create a Sales Funnel on Social Media

Since it is unreasonable to expect a conversion rate of your social followers to be immediately transformed into sales, it is a good practice to set up a solid sales lead funnel to turn these invisible buyers into visible leads. You can use a landing page tool for your sales funnel purposes by creating a Facebook landing page and optimise each step with A/B testing and personalisation to develop an efficient customer path and a higher ROI.

Measure Your Success with Metrics

Many brands who aren’t measuring their social media performance can result in low ROI. The more data you gather on SMM strategy, the better you perform. Measuring your results is crucial when it comes to increasing ROI as you want to easily measure the impact of your campaign. This helps you identify what is and isn’t working and amend your efforts so that you can improve your overall conversions. Furthermore, it allows you to understand what resonates with your audience so that you can significantly increase your ROI.


Although there is built-in analytics in most social media platforms for business to analyse their data, it may not give you everything you want to know in relations to your social media ROI. In the case of a specific social media campaign, many native analytics fails to provide you with information on how much traffic is generated through a specific campaign on social media. Therefore, it is useful to use tools such as Kissmetrics, Cyfe and Google Analytics to help you accurately and completely measure your social media ROI.


Effective use of social media can help you convert social media clicks into prospective sales and visitors into your long-term clients. With the help of the right content, ROI can be increased by allowing users to feel part of your brand and by including SEO in your social media marketing campaigns.


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