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Which Is Better – Quality Leads or Quantity of Leads?


more_leadsOften I hear from clients or sales teams the question of which is better; lower better quality leads or quantity of leads? Some sales teams, in my opinion, get confused. Firstly, they want quantity of leads and when there are too many they can handle then they will say they want lower better quality leads. Has anyone else experienced this?

For B2B tech marketers lead-generation is the single most important objective. Other objectives, such as brand building, brand stewardship, public relations, and corporate communications are also on the list. But, providing a sales team with a steady stream of qualified leads key.

Usually issues arise between sales and marketing is there is a confusion on what a lead is to marketing and what a lead is to sales. That is why it is good to visualise it as funnel.

Marketing Mavens advice, is you need to have the best of both. Marketing need to produce a number of leads (dependent on conversion rate) then they have to nurture these leads to provide sales with quality leads.

Marketing automation tools can be used for lead nurturing to help set up triggers and automated touch points. Lead scoring is also a key component, so once a lead meets a quality threshold, it is sent to sales with all the relevant history such as marketing tactics responded to, content viewed, solution interest, budget or timeframe.

Marketing teams needs to be flexible. Remember the definition of marketing: “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, online or offline”. Therefore, our marketing processes should support our sales colleagues i.e. internal customers. So when our “internal customers” in sales ask for more leads, give them more. When they ask for better leads. Give them leads they can close and then we can all share in the success of hitting the numbers.

If you are looking at generating more, better quality leads then get a free audit of your marketing.

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