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Get More Conversions with These 5 Simple Tricks

Get More Conversions with These Simple Tricks

Every website business dreams of constant traffic – particularly the type of traffic that rushes to the checkout with overflowing virtual shopping carts and wish lists prepared for their next visit. This is, after all, the whole point of selling online. You provide the products they want and they will flock to you to buy them.

Unfortunately, this does not happen overnight. And, for some, it never happens at all. So, how can you attract viable customers to your site AND have them click that buy now button?

It’s easier than you may have thought. Here are a few tips to help you turn those casual tyre-kickers into serious buyers.

1. Make it all about the customer

You may sell the best blender in town, but if your customer doesn’t know how many ways a blender will benefit their life, they will likely leave your website uninspired. If your site, however, told them that they could enjoy healthy smoothies, create great cocktails for entertaining, cut down on the preparation time for many meals, and make awesome milkshakes, they would be much more likely to pop one of these blenders in their shopping cart.

Remember, customers, are focused on their own needs and desires. It really is “all about them.” Make sure that your script clearly communicates what your products or services can do for them.

2. Show and tell

It is important that you show off your product with high-quality images. If it’s available in different styles and colours, make sure that the customer can see each option.

Some customers are leery about buying certain products online due to their inability to see them in person. For this reason, you need to provide them with as much information as possible. What are the product’s special features or dimensions? What materials have been used in its construction?

If the product is complex or new to the marketplace, you may want to include a video showing its many benefits in action.

Unanswered questions breed hesitation, so you need to make a customer feel confident in their decision to press that “buy now” button.

3. Make the button POP

A cluttered or poorly organised website can be the death of an online business. Online shoppers will not spend time scouring a site to locate the product they want or the “buy now” option. Remember that your competition’s website is only a click away, so you need to capitalise on each sales opportunity.

Providing customers with highly visible and easy-to-use shopping tools will keep them happy. And happy consumers are more likely to spend.

4. Don’t smother them in extras

Be careful what you ask for. Demanding information that you don’t need to conduct a business transaction turns people off. For instance, in this age of telephone solicitation, many people are uncomfortable providing their phone numbers. If you can get by with just the delivery address and e-mail address, do so.

If you automatically offer your clientele a newsletter or special deals via e-mail, provide them with clear opt-out options.

And don’t make it necessary for people to open a formal account with your company for a one-time purchase. Many large retailers allow customers to place orders without officially “signing up.” This is particularly appealing to reluctant online shoppers.

5. Recruit some Guinea Pigs

It is important to test your site for usability. Try it out thoroughly yourself. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to try it out and give you honest feedback. Have them check out all aspects of your site including information on shipping and returns.

You should also provide a “feedback” or “contact us” section on your website. This will enable potential customers to contact you with any questions that they have regarding your products or sales transactions. These questions and comments will not only enable you to save sales that may have been lost, but they will also help you to pinpoint aspects of your site that need work.


By following a few easy tips, your “buy now” button will see a lot more action and your wallet will thicken. What are you waiting for? Time is ticking and customers are clicking.