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How Google Analytics Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools for businesses and blogs. It monitors how people find your site on Google and how many visitors you get week by week. It also gives you a range of in-depth statistics on things like visitor locations, search keywords, and a whole lot more.

It’s completely free to use Google Analytics for any website or blog. It’s well worth using, as the data collected can help you adjust your marketing efforts, improve your web pages, and monitor your success. Here are some of the ways you can improve your content marketing strategy with Google Analytics.

See Which Content Performs The Best

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring people to your website. It involves creating blogs targeted at certain keywords and search terms to drive people to your website. From there, you can link these blogs to sales pages to gain customers.

Google Analytics gives you a concise breakdown on which pages perform the best. You can see what kind of blogs get the most hits and how long people stay on them. This information is valuable, as it can help you adjust your content marketing strategy to get more hits.

For instance, you might find that blogs about a certain subject get a lot of hits. That way, you can create more similar content to attract more viewers. You might notice the most viewers in longer content and adapt other content to fit this trend.

Find Out What People Search To Find Your Site

Every website needs to focus on SEO to attract their target audience. By creating pages targeted at different keywords that your audience is likely to search, you can bring the right people to your page.

Google Analytics offers a Search Console feature which tells you the most popular terms people search to find your website. You can discover which keywords you get the most hits from and create more content for it.

It’s extra useful, as you can also discover keywords you aren’t targeting yet that people search. This can help you with your target marketing and even with adapting your business pages to suit popular search terms.

Monitor How Your Site Performs Each Week

Google Analytics also gives you a breakdown of how many people are visiting your site. This gives your business something to target. If your hits go up by 5,000 for one week, you might want to aim for 20,000 new hits for the month. If you notice a downturn in hits, you can focus on improving.

It’s especially helpful, as you can see how your marketing efforts are working. If you carry out a social media campaign one week and see a huge rise in traffic, you can invest more in these kinds of campaigns in the future.


Google Analytics gives you all kinds of useful data to adapt your content marketing strategy. Everything from referring sites to what times of the day people visit your site is covered. It can be incredibly useful for keeping traffic on an upwards trend and boosting your sales.

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