How to create engaging emails

Email marketing is a good way to connect with people. Emails can be inspiring for your audience and if done right can be something that people look forward to reading every week/month.


The subject line is an important part of the email as a lot of people determine if they want to even open the email based on the subject line. If you don’t make the subject line interesting or directed towards your audience’s needs, you cant expect to get a lot of engagement from your email list. In line with this mix up your content to keep it interesting. If it becomes too similar, people may be less likely to open your email or read your content because it seems predictable.

Attractive Email Design

If your email appears messy or hard to read, the chances of the reader continuing to look at the rest of your content are low. One of the main components to consider is if your email is easy to read on mobile as well as on the desktop. 81% of emails were opened on a mobile device in 2019 and 40% of people 18 and under always open the email on their mobile-first. So, having a responsive design for mobile is a crucial way to keep their attention and allow you to have the best opportunity at creating leads. Branding is also important if someone opens an email and doesn’t instantly recognise who it’s from then the chances are they’ll stop reading move on to another email. Consistently using the same branding and colours in an email will help your audience recognise you straightaway.


Email marketing is a very personal way of reaching your target market, which is why email marketing works at it’s best when it is personalised. Being able to connect with your subscribers in a personal way through good and interesting content can encourage them to convert to a customer and explore the product or services you have to offer. One small but effective way is to include your subscriber’s name in the subject line or in the email itself. If you have a wide range of clients, you can also segment your email lists into different factors such as demographics, age or geographical. Read more about personalisation here.


Creating content with value is an important factor when trying to engage with your clients. Emails that come across as more of a sales pitch won’t have as much of a connection between you and your audience and would ultimately be less likely to convert them into a customer. You should make sure that every email you send out contains content that you know your subscriber will be interested in.  In order to be able to create content that will engage your audience, you need to know your audience. Spending the time getting to know who’s subscribed to your emails will be worth it when you are able to tailor emails to them and your audience feels more of a connection with you and your brand.



Email automation can help you streamline and measure your email campaigns in a way that is quick and easy to use. Creating an email campaign can be easily done using a service provider such as MailChimp, this allows you to use triggered automation to send messages to your audience in less time. 80% of brands send a welcome message to their new subscribers using email automation.

You can learn more about marketing automation and how to nurture your leads here.


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