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4 Animation Techniques To Use In Your Marketing

4 Animation Techniques you can include in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing is continuously evolving and with that, there are constant changes in the way people use search engine algorithms. Traditional SEO might not be enough for your business to increase conversions and stay ahead in the game. Due to those events, many marketers look for new tactics to promote their content to their audience.

Animation has become one of the big things in the digital marketing world. It is a great way to attract attention and increase interaction with your customers. Often people see through all the noise that adverts create. Animation, on the other hand, is less known to be a marketing tool so many people are more likely to pay attention to an animated video for example or an animated social media post.

In this blog, we will give you the Top 4 Animation techniques that you can include in your digital marketing strategy.

Logo Animations

Logo animations are nothing new and many businesses have been actively replacing their static logos with an animated one to be more interactive and modern. A great example is Google Play, in only a few seconds the animations morph between a document, a game controller, film strip and the Android robot icon successfully incorporating every service offering of Google Play alongside with their logo.

It is a great opportunity to highlight what makes your business unique or even stimulate a call to action.

There are many creative ways to use animation with your logo, for example, changing up your logo to match a particular event – birthday or even a seasonal holiday such as Vimeo does.

Animated logos are a must – it makes your brand instantly recognisable especially when such logos are still not truly spread across the marketing world. Get your brand ‘moving’!

Animated Explainer videos

Using animation to explain your business is another way marketers can take advantage of to break away from the traditional ways of marketing. Majority of consumers prefer video content instead of reading. Animation is grabbing more attention since it is attractive not-typical and pleasing to look at. It is also a much easier way to transmit your message and there are lots of different ways that you can explain your brand value.

The explainer animation videos are ten times more effective in converting and lead generation. Many potential buyers don’t want to talk to salespeople and videos and animations can influence sales in a more effective and fast way. A perfect example is when IKEA launched its mobile sales tool to improve customer expectations. The animation is used dynamic motion graphics to efficiently explain the purpose of the tool.

You might notice that there is a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to marketing animation strategies – talking heads, CGI, motion graphics and more. But what is always the same is that these animated videos are short, simple and attractive. If you don’t have the skills to make these format videos then don’t worry there are plenty of video marketing agencies such as Spiel or Animatron that can help you create an effective animated explainer video.

Website Animation

Back in the days, website appearances had only a single page without any special effects. Nowadays, modern examples use website animation elements which makes them not only appealing but also easier to navigate. We have recently redesigned our website and you might notice that we incorporated animation features to improve our user experience and increase more interaction. Marketing agencies have realised the necessity for including responsive components that attract customers to a website, including the importance of using animation techniques.

Making your website interactive will keep your viewers longer on your page. In fact, including animation on your landing pages has helped increase conversion rates by 80%.

Use creative effects to add special elements to make your site stand out but most importantly think about the user experience. If you want to keep viewers interest then you should make things easier for them. A simple trick of using parallax for your banner image can create the illusion of following the user or hovering over moving icons can keep the viewer engaged for longer.

The use of animation in website designs will only grow. To make sure you are up-to-date and have a chance against your competitors, it is best to apply animation techniques. It might be difficult for marketers to decide which animations to incorporate into their website design. For that reason, you should make sure that everything goes back to the user experience. It is better to use simple animations, check below some of the animations we’ve used on our website.


Complex web animation effects can create an opposite response and make pages load slower or even create unnecessary errors.

Social media

Animated videos on social media serve as an engaging tool that can help you promote your brand more comprehensively with the power of visual cues. Interestingly, Facebook averages more than 4 billion videos every day. People are always on social media so the way you present your adverts on these platforms is very important. Keep in mind that animated videos on social media tend to be quite short especially on mediums such as Facebook and Twitter. So whether your video is an educational or social post, which you can easily create with Crello, it should attract the viewer from the very first second. Another aspect to consider is attracting attention without sound since videos usually play automatically so visually pleasing animation with some typography graphics might be a great way to capture viewer interest.

To get the most of animated videos, as a marketer you would want to use different types of video formats for the various social media channels. See what works best for you and your marketing. Think about animated videos on social media as an opportunity to create a chain, which will lead the customer to watch your video – stimulate interest – check your website and services – and become a potential long-term client.

Animation is not limited to being used only with the components we described above. There are other ways to include animation in your digital marketing strategy these are just the most effective to get you started.

Whether you are part of a big or small company, animation can enhance your business and bring a more interactive perspective to your brand. Including animation in your marketing strategy might be just what you need to get more viewers, likes and shares and even more conversions. Animation allows you to experiment and see which type works best for your marketing.

Have you tried using animation for your marketing strategy?

If you are still unsure about how design and animation fit into your overall strategy then download our Digital Marketing Guide Today.