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Professional Services

Overview & Brief

Cofficient is a software expert who specialises in SAP & NetSuite.

They’ve been implementing these systems for more than a decade but wanted to focus more on their digital strategy in order to expand their range of clients.

Marketing Mavens was hired to assist in the delivery of a viable marketing strategy and to provide top-level insights into Cofficient’s various marketing channels.

How we helped

We focused on providing an omni-channel experience for Cofficient’s diverse audience.

This included marketing campaigns like SEO-optimisation, email campaigns, weekly blogs, a website redesign, case studies, premium content and, most recently, a Google Ads campaign. By providing multiple touchpoints, the intention is to nurture their potential customers and provide high-value content that highlights the value of their software packages.


Over a 12-month period we achieved the following:

  • Created a marketing plan
  • Created a new website
  • 45% increase in visitors from organic search
  • 76% increase in visits overall in 12 months
  • Ranking page 1 on Google for main keywords

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