ProgressPlus, operated by Berkeley Myles Solutions, is recognised for its advanced software that enhances manufacturing processes and operational efficiency. In 2014, facing the challenge of limited marketing resources and needing to elevate its market presence, ProgressPlus turned to Marketing Mavens. The objective was to harness expert marketing strategies without the hefty price tag of hiring experienced marketing executives. Given their budget constraints, they sought a solution to deliver the expertise and results of a senior marketing role without the associated costs.


The primary goal for Marketing Mavens was to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that would significantly enhance ProgressPlus’ visibility in a competitive market. This strategy encompassed a multifaceted approach, including website optimisation, social media engagement, SEO improvement, content strategy, and email marketing. The aim was to increase the brand’s digital footprint and convert enhanced visibility into measurable outcomes: higher profits, a steady flow of leads, and a consistent increase in website traffic.


ProgressPlus’ main hurdle was the limitation of their budget, which restricted their ability to attract marketing professionals with the desired level of experience. This challenge was compounded by the need to stand out in a crowded market, where potential clients are bombarded with information from competitors. Marketing Mavens was tasked with crafting and executing a marketing strategy that would deliver significant results, leveraging limited resources to achieve maximum impact.

Solutions Provided by Marketing Mavens

Marketing and Content Strategy: Developed a comprehensive marketing plan aligned with ProgressPlus’ goals, focusing on content highlighting the software’s unique benefits and efficiency improvements.

Social Media: Implemented a targeted social media strategy to increase engagement and brand awareness among key demographics, using platforms most relevant to the brand’s audience.

SEO Optimisation: Executed a strategic SEO campaign to improve organic search visibility, targeting keywords relevant to ProgressPlus’ industry, thus attracting a more targeted audience.

Data Collation and Email Marketing: Utilised data collation techniques to gather insights on potential leads, optimising email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and convert them into long-term clients.

Key Results

Profit Increase: Marketing Mavens’ strategic approach resulted in a remarkable £500k increase in profits, demonstrating the direct impact of expert marketing on the bottom line.

Lead Generation: Successfully sustained the generation of over 150 leads per year, ensuring a steady influx of potential business opportunities for ProgressPlus.

Website Traffic Consistency: Achieved and maintained a consistent level of at least 2000 website visits every month, highlighting the effectiveness of the SEO and content marketing strategies in attracting and retaining interest.

Overall Impact: Through the strategic efforts of Marketing Mavens, ProgressPlus overcame its initial challenges and set a new standard in its digital marketing efforts, showcasing the power of strategic marketing to drive growth and success even with budget constraints.


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