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The National Trust for Scotland, a renowned conservation charity, aims to protect and preserve Scotland’s natural and cultural heritage. They sought to improve their social media engagement to drive event attendance at their iconic properties in Ayrshire and Arran, including Culzean Castle, Brodick Castle, and the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.



Despite their strong heritage and substantial membership base, the National Trust for Scotland struggled to effectively use social media to promote events and engage with their audience. The challenge was to revitalise their social media presence to enhance event promotion and participation, particularly for their properties in Ayrshire and Arran.


Solution by Marketing Mavens

Comprehensive Social Media Management: We took charge of all social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for the Ayrshire and Arran properties. A rigorous posting schedule was implemented, with content shared three times daily.

Creation of New Social Media Assets: We developed engaging content and assets tailored to each property, aimed at attracting followers and encouraging event sign-ups.

Event-Focused Strategy: Social media was positioned as a primary tool for event promotion. We utilised various content formats to highlight events and generate excitement.

Engagement and Analysis: We closely monitored engagement metrics and social media sentiment, adapting strategies to maximise impact.



Enhanced Social Media Engagement: Achieved 12,000 engagements within 3 months, significantly boosting the brand’s online presence.

Follower Growth: Grew Brodick Castle’s social media following from 0 to 4,000, demonstrating the success of our targeted approach.

Increased Event Attendance: Numerous events were sold out, attributed to our effective social media marketing. The visibility and participation in events were substantially increased.

Operational Efficiency: Our management of social media channels allowed the National Trust for Scotland team to focus on other important operational tasks.


Client Testimonial

Stuart Maxwell, General Manager for Ayrshire & Arran, noted, “I can see that traction has improved and numbers are increasing to events etc, so it is working in my eyes.”


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