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Lochlie Construction, a well-established company in the construction sector, sought to revamp its brand identity and digital presence to better align with its evolving business goals and market demands. The company approached Marketing Mavens with a clear set of objectives: to undertake a comprehensive rebranding, create a new logo, develop a modern, user-friendly website, and significantly enhance their lead generation capabilities, specifically through digital channels.


Rebrand Lochlie Construction to reflect its modern, forward-thinking approach to construction services.

Design a new logo that captures the essence of Lochlie Construction’s brand and appeals to both existing and potential clients.

Develop a new website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimised for lead generation.

Generate leads from day one using Google Ads as the primary digital marketing tool.

Strategy and Execution

Rebranding and Logo Design:

The process began with an in-depth analysis of Lochlie Construction’s brand values, target audience, and market position. This foundational work informed the development of a new brand identity that was modern, dynamic, and reflective of the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. The new logo was designed to be versatile across various mediums, ensuring brand consistency.

Website Development:

The next step was creating a new website. The design focused on user experience (UX) principles to ensure visitors could easily find the information they sought. The website was developed with SEO best practices to improve its visibility in search engine results. A critical feature of the website was its optimisation for lead generation, with clear calls-to-action (CTAs), a streamlined inquiry process, and integration with Google Ads for tracking and analytics.

Lead Generation through Google Ads:

Marketing Mavens implemented a targeted Google Ads campaign to drive traffic to the new website. The campaign strategy was based on thorough keyword research, competitive analysis, and audience targeting to ensure that ads reach to  the most relevant users. The ads highlighted Lochlie Construction’s key services and value propositions, encouraging clicks through to the website.


Immediate Lead Generation: The Google Ads campaign generated leads from day one, demonstrating the effectiveness of the targeted digital marketing strategy.

High Conversion Rate: The website achieved a 9.39% conversion rate, significantly higher than industry averages, indicating the success of the website’s design and user experience.

Majority Leads from Paid Search: 69% of leads were attributed to paid search, underscoring the importance of Google Ads in the company’s digital marketing mix.

Strategic Business Decision: Due to the campaign’s success, Lochlie Construction moved its Steel Buildings service under the umbrella of the Lochlie Construction Group, aiming to leverage the enhanced brand strength and digital presence.


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