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Professional Services

Overview & Brief

Defacto FD is a Glasgow based accountancy firm who work with companies, big and small, across the UK.

Their content strategy revolves around providing simple and straightforward financial information that anyone could understand.

Marketing Mavens were recruited to produce blogs and create SEO-optimised website content. The emphasis was on translating technical and legislative content into understandable bite-size blogs that could then be shared on social media.

How we helped

We implemented SEO changes across all website services to improve rankings.

We wrote high-value blogs aimed at helping SME’s understand accounting problems, and designed guides to push micro-conversions. In order to increase conversions over a short-term period, we created and managed Paid Search Campaigns.

We also addressed common User Experience issues which were identified in our website audit, like page speed, design inconsistencies, and page layout.


Over a 9-month period we achieved the following:

  • 25 % increase in Google Rankings for focus keywords.
  • Total Visibility score on Google increased from 7% to 48%.
  • 2.38% conversion rate on AdWords Campaigns.

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