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Bespoke Bifolds and Glazing Systems is a UK-based, independently owned and operated business specialising in distributing and installing folding bifold windows, doors, and roofs. This startup business required branding a new website and lead generation.



– Create a memorable and prestigious brand

– Develop a high converting website that would align with the branding and product offerings.

– Start generating brand awareness and leads.


Strategy and Execution:

  1. Initial Consultation: Marketing Mavens began with a kick-off workshop to understand Bespoke Bifolds’ unique selling propositions (USPs), target market, and business goals. This is crucial for tailoring the branding and marketing strategy to the company’s specific needs.


This also included a comprehensive branding exercise was conducted to define the brand’s identity, values, and message. The goal was to position Bespoke Bifolds as a premium provider in the bifold doors and glazing systems market.


  1. Understanding Objectives: Marketing Mavens met with and understood the objectives of Bespoke Bifolds. After the branding exercise, we created a logo that was to mimic Rolls Royce as they offer a service just like the large manufacturer – ‘Rolls Royce Service.’


  1. Website Development:


Design and Usability: The website was crafted to look aesthetically pleasing and be highly functional and user-friendly. High-quality imagery and videos showcasing the products in action were integrated to engage visitors.


Conversion Optimisation: The site features multiple calls to action (CTAs) and an “Instant Quote” feature to streamline the lead generation process. These elements are strategically placed to guide users towards making inquiries or requesting quotes, thereby increasing conversion rates.


  1. Google Ads and SEO


Google Ads Campaign: Tailored Google Ads campaigns were launched to target potential customers actively searching for bifold doors and glazing solutions. These campaigns were optimised for high-performing keywords and continuously refined to maximise ROI.


  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented to improve organic search visibility. This included keyword optimisation, high-quality content creation, and building a strong backlink profile. As a result, Bespoke Bifolds achieved page 1 rankings for their target keywords, driving significant organic traffic to the site.


​​Financial Growth: The strategic marketing efforts propelled Bespoke Bifolds to over £1 million in turnover in under two years—a remarkable achievement for a startup.

Website Traffic: The website attracted over 12,000 visits, indicating high interest and engagement from the target audience.

Search Engine Success: Achieving page 1 on Google for targeted keywords significantly increased visibility and contributed to the business’s growth and online presence.


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