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The Client’s Journey

My Executor Box embarked on a mission to elevate its brand and digital presence, initially seeking a company for logo design. Through a serendipitous search for “Glasgow design and logos,” they encountered our company, setting the stage for a transformative collaboration. Despite receiving a logo design from a neighbour’s high-end digital agency, the continued engagement and non-intrusive follow-ups from Jodi, a representative of our team, opened the door to a broader discussion on SEO, online marketing, and other essential services that My Executor Box required. This initial interaction, marked by friendliness, helpfulness, and a lack of pressure, led to an agreement for an initial period of collaboration.

Meeting the Client’s Needs

My Executor Box needed expertise in areas outside their specialty, seeking to enhance their online visibility and brand awareness significantly. Our services were tailored to meet these needs, focusing on SEO and online marketing strategies that were previously uncharted territories for My Executor Box.

Unique Benefits and Features

Our client particularly valued the regular reviews we provided, which demystified the process of improving business name awareness and online customer engagement. These sessions were conducted without the usual industry jargon, making complex concepts accessible and educating the client in a respectful, empowering manner. This aspect of our service not only informed the client but also built a foundation of knowledge and confidence in digital marketing strategies.

Areas for Expansion

While expressing satisfaction with the services provided, My Executor Box identified an opportunity for our company to expand into print and design services. Although they managed to design their company brochures with another provider, the inclusion of such services could streamline their marketing efforts and consolidate their needs under one provider.

Recommendation and Endorsement

My Executor Box would recommend our services to others, citing our expertise in the field and the friendly, helpful nature of our service as the most compelling reasons. Our approach to client engagement and our ability to deliver specialised marketing solutions without overwhelming clients with technical jargon were highlighted as key factors in their positive experience.


The collaboration with My Executor Box showcases our ability to adapt our services to meet the unique needs of our clients. By providing expert guidance in SEO and online marketing, offering educational and jargon-free consultations, and maintaining a friendly and supportive client relationship, we have not only met the immediate needs of My Executor Box but also laid the groundwork for potential expansion into additional services. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering personalised marketing solutions that enhance our clients’ digital presence and brand awareness, fostering growth and understanding in the digital marketing landscape.


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