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Paralloy and FVC

The Problem

The Doncasters Group, a global leader in manufacturing high-precision alloy components designed for extreme conditions, faced a pivotal moment in its brand evolution. Paralloy and FVC, integral parts of the group, were set to emerge from the umbrella of Doncasters, necessitating a comprehensive rebrand. This rebranding was not just about altering visual elements; it was about signaling a new, autonomous phase in their journey. The challenge was to craft a new brand identity, inclusive of a logo and print materials, that would resonate with their esteemed clientele and reflect the innovative and resilient spirit of Paralloy and FVC, all while laying the groundwork for a redesigned website.

The Solution

Embarking on this transformative journey, we approached the rebranding process with a deep dive into the legacy of the company, analyzing various iterations of their branding over the years. This meticulous exploration was vital in ensuring that the essence of Paralloy and FVC was captured and conveyed through their new brand identity:

Design Exploration: We delved into numerous design possibilities, rigorously testing and refining concepts to unearth a design solution that not only reflected the brands’ heritage but also their forward-looking ethos.

Brand and Logo Development: The culmination of our exploration led to the creation of a new logo for Paralloy and FVC. This logo serves as the cornerstone of their new brand identity, symbolizing their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Print and Digital Materials: With the new brand guidelines as our compass, we developed a suite of print and digital materials. These ranged from datasheets to branded presentation slides, all designed to seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic and functional requirements of the new website.

Marketing Foundation: Recognizing the need for a coherent marketing strategy post-rebrand, we devised a basic marketing plan. This plan serves as a blueprint for future marketing activities, ensuring consistency in brand messaging and engagement strategies.


The Results

Over a concise three-month period, our collaborative efforts bore fruit, marked by several key achievements:

New Logo Creation: Successfully designed a distinctive new logo for both Paralloy and FVC, encapsulating the essence of both brands in a visually compelling manner.

Branding Materials: Developed a comprehensive array of branding materials, including datasheets and presentation slides, all aligned with the new brand ethos.

Marketing Strategy: Laid the foundation for a robust marketing plan, aimed at steering future marketing initiatives and reinforcing the brands’ presence in their respective markets.



The rebranding of Paralloy and FVC represents a significant milestone in their journey as part of the Doncasters Group’s legacy. Through a thoughtful and strategic approach to design and brand development, we have not only crafted a new visual identity for these esteemed brands but also positioned them for continued success and recognition in the highly competitive high-precision alloy components industry. This case study exemplifies the transformative power of branding in not just altering perceptions, but in marking the dawn of a new era for Paralloy and FVC.


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